Friday, April 8, 2011

Some 2011 Finishes, WIPs and Questions

I have a few finishes for 2011 and am working on some LHN Christmas Ornaments (pictures of those will be posted another time).

Silver Needle - Love Box

Margaret Sherry Culinary Cat - to be donated to Love Quilts

Colorful Fish - Donated to Love Quilts

Victoria Sampler's Heart Tuffet for Winter's Last Gasp Contest

Pansy Sampler - Finished in Honor of Rene La Frog

So my questions are ~~ at what point do you decide a WIP is NEVER going to be finished and that while you started it so many years ago, your tastes have changed?  What do you do with your WIPs when you've decided it will not ever be finished?  Do you trim off the part you've already stitched and discard it, saving the fabric for another use?  Do you give the WIP away for some other stitcher to finish? 


  1. I love the Culinary Cat. How cute is that?? I'm sure it'll be a wonderful addition to a Love Quilt and the recipient will be pleased.

    I'm not sure I've ever had that happen with a cross stitch WIP (quilting, yes, but not cross stitch) so I'm no help there....

    The blog's looking great!

  2. Pretty finishes, Pam!

    If you haven't stitched on it in years, it's a UFO. If you have decided you don't want to finish it, I'd pass it on to someone who will want it.

  3. I love the tropical fish, they're so nice and colorful, and I especially love your blog dogs!

    If you never want to see it again, it's a UFO. Get rid of it, one way or another. If you have the threads and everything, put it in a big ziploc and give it to Goodwill, or pass it on to another stitcher, or throw it in the trash. Whatever it takes so it doesn't hold you back. The world is full of fun stuff to stitch, so clear out the deadwood and make more room for the new you and your new tastes!

  4. Love ur tropical fish and the cat too !!! Great start on your blog!


  5. Nice job on the new blog!!! I've just started trying to make one "again"... no pictures yet, can't seem to figure that out yet. Your stitching is beautiful... everyone has a favorite.. I like the fishies the best!!!

  6. Pam, what do you mean... there's not much on your blog? I think there's a great big start, and it's beautiful!!! I love your furbabies, of course! Your stitching is sooo pretty, and I love that you do stitching for Love Quilts. I must look into this.

    I became a follower of your blog and look forward to seeing more posts in the future!

  7. Lovely finishes.


  8. Depending on the project and the type of fabric it's on I either cut it or send give to a new stitcher that might enjoy stitching :).

  9. Great finishes! I love the Victoria Sampler pieces.
    As to the WIPS I don't think I have never finished a piece before but I am working on one that I am ready to just put away for awhile.

  10. Fantastic start on your blog. I am now a follower! Cannot wait to see more.


  11. Lovely blog and some wonderful stitching. Just off to be a follower :-)

  12. Your stitching looks wonderful.

    I've only come across one piece that turned into a UFO and then I never wanted to pick it up ever again. I RAKed it to another stitcher who was happy to finish it for herself. Then I have another piece that once I finished stitching it I realized the piece was no longer my taste. I have since finished it into a wall hanging and I am keeping it as a future gift for someone...don't know who yet.

  13. Cute finishes!

    Hmm, hard question, I'm a hoarder, I keep everything :-) but if you can make someone else happy with your never to be finished project, give it away!

  14. Cute finishes. As far as the old WIP go....if you aren't that far from being done, even if your tastes have changed, I would finish it and then make it something and give it to someone you might think would appreciate it.


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