Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Was it just me?

Anyone else having issues with blogger?

Usually blogger sends me an email whenever I approve comments on my blog.  However, I didn't get any emails for the comments I approved over the weekend.

Also, for every comment I left on other blogs over the weekend, I got a "delivery failed" email.

It seems to be working now, but it sure makes me uneasy to get the failed delivery emails.  For everyone who commented on my blog, I'm working on replying to your comments.

Hope you're week is going well!


  1. hmmm. Did you get emails in the spam folder? I do not read those. I seem to recall some emails in there the last few days titled Mail Delivery or something.

  2. Blogger is always acting up one way or another. It is very kind of you to send an email response to comments. Some do and some don't. I think it is a very nice gesture but it certainly isn't expected or required by me.

  3. I haven't published a blog post recently, but I have received 'delivery failure' on almost every blog I commented on.


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