Thursday, September 12, 2013


That's how it's going for me this week!

It all started when a customer service rep said:  "Lemme ask you sumthin, what makes you think you have the right to call and ask us anythin?"

Yea, that didn't sit well with me!  It took everything I had to bite my tongue and not say what I really wanted to say -- if you know what I mean.

Instead, I calmly asked to be transferred to his supervisor.  He informed me that he was giving me my first warning for being abusive and if it continued, he would hang up.  Again, I calmly asked to be transferred to his supervisor. 

You all know how this goes, right?  You ask to speak to a supervisor, you get put on hold F-O-R-E-V-E-R and then the person comes back to you and explains that the supervisor is

"not in the office today"
"on another call"
"in a meeting"

or whatever other excuse they can come up with.

So this guy comes back on the line and says his supervisor is on a long call with another customer.  I asked to be transferred anyway.  

I was put on hold again

and I waited...

and waited...

and waited...

until finally someone came on the line and promptly disconnected the call!  I probably should have just hung up on the guy to begin with, lol.

Nothing like a bad experience with a customer service rep to mess up your day and make everything else even more frustrating.

Things like:

The antiquated little laptop I borrowed with the touchpad that can't be shut off.  I'll be typing right along and my hand slightly touches the touchpad and all of a sudden the cursor is on the top command bar and every keystroke executes a new command!

Have any of you been having internet issues? 
Seems like everyone I know is having issues of intermittent service, slow service or no service, regardless of provider, device or type of internet service. 

In addition to the internet service issues, have you noticed that you have to click on a link more than once to get it to work?  Between the internet issues, links not working and problems within Yahoo, my inbox is overloaded with messages.  I delete a message only to have it reappear three more times or not get moved to the trash folder at all. 

Don't I sound like a Snickers commercial?  Maybe I need to hit the candy drawer!

Last week I showed you the squashed stitches used in the BAP I'm working on. 

Today, I'm showing you a tiny portion of the chart. 

This is approximately three-quarters of an inch section of the chart.  It is very tiny and very difficult to read.

I had scanned the chart to my laptop so I could enlarge it as much as I needed and stitch right from my laptop.   Then my laptop died.

I should know better, but I just couldn't stand seeing these huge weeds in my tomatoes (seriously, they just appeared practically overnight).  So I pulled them.  Wrong thing to do!  Whatever this weed is, it gave me a rash and aggravated my allergies so much that I'm congested with itchy, watery eyes, sinus headache, sneezing and just plain miserable!  Next time, I'll just wait for Hubby to get home (he doesn't have allergies, lucky man!). 

I have lots of other stuff and pics to share with you, but for today this is all I have time for.  Guess that means you'll just have to visit again, lol.



  1. I like your last paragraph. So, basically you just wanted to vent and have a Snickers? LOL ;-)

    Yeppers, I can totally relate to everything you've said. Been there, done it.

    As for your chart... Here's an idea that I used with JG because the charts are soooo tiny. Make a PDF and use the snapshot tool to select a portion of the chart, then print it but remember to make sure the print option is Fit-To-Page.

  2. What a very miserable day!! I sure hope tomorrow is much better.

  3. Ok, you just need to go to bed and star over tomorrow. It can only get better!

  4. Oh I hate people like that! I hope today is better.

  5. Ugh!!! I hope that you have a fabulous weekend and it makes up for all this bothersome cr@#!

  6. Hope today is going better, Pam!! I can't imagine dealing with a so-called "customer service rep" as horrid as that! The chart does look complicated--as I age, I'm just not finding I have the patience for those intricate charts any more :)

  7. Been there! I can totally relate. The good news is you can only go up from there, right? :)

  8. Hope tomorrow is a better day. In regards to the squashed stitches I did some like this on some Valerie Pfeffier designs they took a while to get used to but they did make a difference.

  9. As to the customer service rep, find the companies complaint line, or if not available the e-mail address. Explain your experience, the individuals name if you wrote it down, and the date and time of the call. ALL calls are recorded now, for this reason and to protect the rep, because sometimes people lie, which makes no sense, but there you are. The call can be easily reviewed.

    Hope things are going better for you today.

  10. Hope that today is better! I would definitely try and get ahold of someone else higher up. That was totally wrong of that Customer Service Rep to do.

  11. Wouldn't you have liked to start that day over and had MUCH better results?! Obviously that company will hire ANYBODY to work customer service. So sorry to hear. I had a similar experience at the Walmart in Peru not too long ago. I hope you found something yummy in your candy drawer. I hope everything is going well now!


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