Friday, April 5, 2013


Boy it's felt like a really long week!  Don't know about you, but I was looking forward to a weekend filled with stitching and relaxing.

Unfortunately, there are other things that need 
attention this weekend.

All this firewood needs to be cut, split and stacked!

Hubby takes any and all firewood that is offered to us.

His theory is that one can never have too much firewood.
Our wood pile is already 15 ft long by 8 ft deep 
by 10-12 ft high!

I'm counting this as working out!


Lizzie Kate Limited Edition Kit
Stitched on linen provided in kit
I chose DMC Variations in colors I had on hand.

 The kit came with the cute little button and beads.

The Lizzie Kate Limited Edition kits each have a 
piece of linen and embellishments.
Lizzie Kate put these kits together to use up bits of linen
they had on hand and each kit may have different fabric
than what is shown on the design cover.

 A Bee C
Lizzie Kate Limited Edition Kit
Stitched on linen provided in the kit
I chose DMC Variations in colors I had on hand

 Not quite finished though.
This kit also has beads that I will add when the 
stitching is completed.

Brooke's Books Bride's Tree Ornament Series
Started this just before I picked up the Lizzie Kate kits.  
I'll go back to working on this one when I 
get A Bee C finished.
I'm stitching up this series for a client. 


I've been seeing this species all winter.

And then this one showed up the other morning.

It kept going from the tree to the feeder.
Based on my iBird app,
I'm guessing this is a Red-Bellied Woodpecker.



  1. Such pretty little spring like finishes! Love the woodpecker photos!

  2. Pretty woodpeckers Pam. Oh my that is a lot of wood to split. You will get a workout. You've inspired me - I want the two L*K kits and I want 'em now!

  3. I used to hate stacking fire wood but I do miss my wood fire:)

  4. Those are the cutest LK kits, ever! I didn't even know about them.

    Don't over do the wood cutting/stacking.

  5. Flowers is so cute! I haven't seen that pattern before.

    - Lisa

  6. We have a wood stove also and someone brought over some wood for us a few days ago. Splitting and stacking is hard work indeed but we do it every year.

    Love all your pretty pieces. Beautiful stitching.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  7. Wow what a big pile you have, the better to keep your house warm NEXT winter! Let's think spring right now shall we, lol! I love your Lizzie Kate projects! I've alway loved her designs.

  8. Love the Lizzie Kate kits and thank you for sharing your bird pictures.

  9. Now that's a woodpile!! Lol! Love the sweet stitches and great pics of the woodpeckers!

  10. Love the Lizzie Kate pieces so cheery

  11. that's a lot of wood!!!

    Your stitching projects look so lovely and colourful!

  12. WOW! Do you heat your house with wood? Our fireplace is not enough for the whole house, more for being pretty and spot heating.

    Nice stitching.

  13. Cute little LK kits! I think I read about those on her blog but never saw anyone post them. My daughter would love your wood pile! They only have a spot on their front porch to keep their wood. Great shots of the woodpeckers. Hopefully your trees are healthy. I've heard that woodpeckers use trees that are diseased or dying. The only woodpecker I saw was in our tree that had that awful Ash Boar disease.


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