Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Ever have your stitching stuff in such a mess you couldn't find anything?

This is just one corner of my table.  I don't dare show you the rest of my room, lol.

I've only just begun the straightening up process and already I have found several forgotten about WIPS:

Design by The Trilogy
Stitching over one on 32 ct.

Snow in Love
Design by Little House Needleworks
Stitching over two on 32 ct.

I've Been Working On These WIPS This Week:

Soldier Memorial
Adapted design from various patriotic designs
Stitching over two on 28 ct. white lugana

Bride's Tree Ornament #1 ~ Home
Design by Brooke's Books Publishing
Stitching on recommended 28 ct. linen
Stitching the whole series for a friend

The Granddoggie is growing!

Skye has gained about 4 pounds since 
she came to live with my daughter.
We got to doggie sit with Skye recently. 
She sure has alot of energy and Dottie was none 
to happy about Skye jumping all over her.

And Finally...

Mrs. Redbird came for a visit!

Wishing You Happy Days!


  1. Oops on the wips. Skye is such a cutie:)

  2. Beautiful Stitches! Good luck organizing your stash!

  3. Good luck sorting your stash and your stitching is cute. Love the bird pictures.


  4. When you have finished your stash organising you can come visit me as mine is getting out of control

  5. Really like your choices of stitchery, thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer M

  6. Hi Pam, I have to admit I have a cupboard for all my stitching stuff but that is in desperate need of a cleanout/tidy up. I love the stitching, especially the soldier memorial and looking forward to seeing the end result.

  7. oops on the found WIPs. great stitching tho, the Bride Tree ornament is lovely.

  8. Oooh, how I want to paw through that stash. Does it feel a little like Christmas finding WIPs that you forgot you had? It's like when I was a kid and my mom would put toys away for a while and then bring them out after I'd forgotten about them. :-)

  9. I love your stitching and birds ... and yes my stuff is a bit (alot) messy too!! :-)

  10. Sadly, I have areas all over my house that look like your little corner. It's great to find projects that you forgot about, though. :) Cute ones, too.

    Great photos of the birdies. I haven't seen many critters in my area.


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