Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 Soldier Memorial Finished
Just need to get it framed and 
then ship it to the recipient.

Bald Eagle Watching
Starved Rock Lock & Dam
Saturday, January 26
These were the only two we saw.
They sat in this tree for the longest time!

Doesn't it look like that tree is budding out already?


  1. Very cool theme today Pam. How neat to see the eagles up close and personal as you did!

  2. That is an awesome finish and great photos:)

  3. What a lovely finish and the eagles look so grand in the tree.


  4. Wow, your finish and eagles are wonderful!

  5. Awesome finish
    We love starved Rock, it's a beautiful park

  6. Congratulations on your finish! I love seeing the eagles--how beautiful.

  7. Beautiful finish, Pam! The bald eagles are awesome and I'm jealous of your craft/sewing room! It looks like yours is bigger than mine, lol! Our house is like a story and half, the upstairs rooms are like your room. Mike has taken them over with his Nascar stuff!

  8. Such a gorgeous finish, Pam! Really loved seeing the eagle photos, too. They are such majestic birds!!

  9. Those eagles look amazing! Haven't been to Starved Rock in many years...looks like I need to make a trip there!

    The Soldier Memorial is beautiful.

  10. Your soldier memorial looks great!

    I've been to Starved Rock for eagle watching, too. It's been many years, though.

  11. Such a beautiful stitched piece, great photos, hugs.


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