Thursday, October 11, 2012

around here without little Snickers.  I know it hasn't even been two weeks since she left us, but I still find myself calling her, think one of Dottie's toys is Snickers laying on the floor and look for her when I walk in the door.

Probably the saddest thing is that Dottie is really missing Snickers too.  I honestly didn't think Dottie would miss Snickers as much as she is because it seemed they tolerated each other but weren't best friends.

Another thing I'm having trouble with is being asked several times a day if I have found another puppy yet.  It's just too soon and I'm not even sure if I want another dog or if Dottie could handle living with another dog.

 A few weeks ago, I was selected as the winner for By The Bay's giveaway.  I won a copy of the 2012 JCS Halloween Issue and Donna's stitched model for the magazine!

   Look at all those French knots!  Such a cute piece.  
Thanks Donna!

Speaking of By The Bay, have you seen her new fall mystery SAL?  I'm hoping to get to stitch this one sometime this fall too.  For more info, go to the By The Bay blog.

I was able to order some new stash from my closest LNS (two hours away.  Unfortunately, it was the LNS' final week of operation because the owner retired and I only received about half of my order due to items going out of stock.


I was asked to embroider my church's name on some communion linens.  I agreed to do the embroidery on the communion linens because it was only six pieces.  Somehow I got drafted when the Altar Guild decided that the kitchen towels needed the church name on them as well and delivered a bag of wrinkled flour sack towels to my home.  That bag contained 24 crumpled up, wrinkled towels!

Those crumpled up, wrinkled towels all embroidered, ironed and ready to be returned to the church kitchen.  This "little" project took at least 50 hours to complete.

My daughter is the Pep Club sponsor at the high school where she is teaching.  She asked for help from Hubby and myself to make this Cornhole (also called Bags) game for a raffle Pep Club was having during the Homecoming Game.  I helped Hubby get the wood, measure, cut and assemble the 2 x 4 game boards.  Hubby even taught me how to use his router to put a nice rounded edge to the boards.  I was so excited to be allowed to use his power tools! 

After we assembled the two boards for the game, I helped my daughter stain and paint the design on the boards.  I also sewed the bags and filled them with seed corn.  The raffle was a great success!

In my area, the weather has turned windy and cold.  We have had many nights with frost and even had to turn the furnace on!  I don't ever remember having to turn the furnace on in September.  It seems the warm fall weather skipped over us.  I miss the warmth of the sun, having the windows open and hearing the crickets chirp at night.

The other night, a storm blew in and turned my next door neighbor's ghost so that the yard light lit it up.  I think that ghost was complaining about how cold it was!

Have a great rest of the week and weekend!


  1. I know how you feel about missing Snickers. I went through the same thing when I lost Claire (my Pom before Celeste). I was always looking to make sure she wasn't under my feet, and looking to see if she was next to my bed... etc, etc. And I totally understand how it feels too soon.

    Kudos on the BTB win!! Are you doing the fall SAL? I started it the other night and am almost done with Part 1... and she put out Part 2 today!

    Congrats on your embroidery finishes. I'm sure the church appreciates your handi-work.

    Ahhh... more POWER!! LOL I have a router and have used it a couple times. I don't think the BF trusts that I won't cut something off cuz he's done the cutting. Same with the table saw, lol.

  2. It takes time to get over the loss of a pet.

    What a lovely prize and stash. The church knew you could do a good job and that is why they chose you, you did a terrific job on the towels. You did a great job on the cornhole.


  3. The embroidery is wonderful! And your win and new stash are great!

  4. I do understand how you feel about missing snickers. I can also tell you that Petro (my poodle) died shortly after he turned 10. He had a heart attack. We didn't even know he had heart issues. Our other dog, Blondie (a golden lab) was looking all over for Petro after we had put him in what we were going to bury him in. They didn't always seem to get along the best, but when we showed her Petro, Blondie's tail wagged and she whined. When we buried him, Blondie stayed in that part of the yard a great deal of her time outside. I think that multiple pets are like siblings, they have their issues with each other, but they lovve each other a great deal. When Blondie died a few years later, after being hit by a car that was speeding and refused to stop, we buried her next to Petro.

  5. So sorry to read about sweet wee Snickers, Pam~ {{{Hugs}}}

    Congratulations on your BTB win ~ Donna's ornament is lovely and I do so love that Halloween issue of JCS!

    Hugs and Blessings in stitches ~ Lizzy


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