Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wind, Rain and SNOW

On Saturday we sat out in the wind and rain for the first game in DD's soccer tournament and it was brutal!  Even though we had bundled up with triple layers of clothing and winter coats, we still froze!  I even walked to the Dollar General a block away and bought another blanket!  After the first game, DD's team had about an hour break.  During that time the weather became windier and colder.  It was raining huge raindrops that turned to wet snowflakes within the first 5 minutes of DD's second game.  The pic above is not my DD's team, but another team playing and you can see the snowflakes.  We were able to sit in the car for the second game and when we looked across the field, the snow was coming down horizontally and it looked like a blizzard.  The other end of the field was barely visible!  They should have called the game, but they didn't so those poor girls played on.  The first half of the game was 40 minutes long and half time was reduced to 5 minutes long.  The refs talked to both coaches and the second half was reduced to 10 minutes.

Finally, today it's sunny (for now) and the temps are headed to 50, but more rain is coming with strong/severe storms predicted for tonight and tomorrow.

Stitching Update

I've been getting about 15 minutes a day to work on Christmas ornaments and a baby sampler.  Maybe I'll be able to get pics posted soon.  I want to make Bride's Tree ornaments for my niece, but I'm still in the "planning and designing" stage.  Better get going on that because her shower is in August and wedding is in September.

Finally Upgraded... a smart phone!  It was such a hard decision for me because I like my 4 year old flip phone.  It's small, fits easily in my pocket, pretty durable and easy to use.  I chose an android phone by HTC because my daughters both have an HTC and they've kept them for over a year, which is a big accomplishment for them!  This must have been a stressful thing for me because I had a nightmare dream  that my new phone came and it was the size of a VHS cassette tape!  My daughters are getting a little mad at me because I'm asking too may questions about how to use the phone.

Until next time...

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  1. Have fun with your new phone. I haven't upgraded since I can't see paying for web on the phone when I already have it at work, and pay for it at home. So I'm holding out!

    LOL @ your dream.


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