Thursday, October 24, 2013



Fall/Halloween Exchanged
Received from
Debbie B.

I just love this cute little ornie and Debbie's stitching and finishing is lovely. Thanks Debbie.

Unbelievably,  we had our first snow the other day.  If it were December, I might have enjoyed it, however, in my opinion, October is way to early for snow.

Huge, heavy flakes fell all afternoon into the evening.

After all, I still have apples to pick...

and mums in bloom.

Then I discovered that if I stood under my apple trees and 
just looked at the green grass under my feet, 
I could pretend it wasn't snowing. LOL

What happened to the warm, sunny days of fall?

Take time to enjoy the beauty around you.


  1. Great exchange gift. How surreal to see snow already.

  2. Seems way to early to have snow but it does look kinda pretty

  3. Wow, you weren't kidding when you said it was snowing to beat the band! We had snow all day but none of it stuck like where you are. It does look pretty, though.

    The ornament for Debbie is so cute!

  4. What a cute ornament you received! We only got a few flurries, thankfully and non of them stuck!

  5. Ooooo! Look at your snow!! LOVE it! : ) Especially cuz it didn't snow here... ;) Your exchange looks beautiful. Isn't it fun to receive happy mail?

  6. Wow! I live in Canada half way out into the atlantic ocean and we haven't even seen snow yet!!! You know what they say "Little Snow = Big Snow(lots of accumulation)" and "Big Snow = Little Snow". Looks like the snow will pull outta there sooner than later :)

    It does make everything look very pretty however, I especially love your pic of your snow covered apple!

    Thanks for sharing,


  7. Wow! I agree, way too early for snow. I went to school in DeKalb and I know Illinois weather!! I grew up near Joliet.

  8. Snow! It looks so beautiful. Glad I don't have to deal with it though!

    - Lisa N. in Saudi Arabia

  9. Lovely exchange piece. So early for snow!! I hope that it isn't a tough winter.

  10. October is way too early for snow! I must say it is pretty. Lovely exchange piece.

  11. Lovely exchange! and beautiful snow pictures although too early.

  12. A lovely exchange gift. Snow!!

  13. We had just a few flurries--guess we got away easy!! Lovely exchange :)

  14. Great exchange! I agree it's too early to see snow but it is very pretty :)

  15. Beautiful exchange. Yikes! Snow! Way too early for me.

  16. Ah! I don't want to think about snow already! Heh.
    Very lovely exchange! I really like the spider web in the middle too. Cute!

  17. Cute exchange and great snow pics!


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