Friday, July 12, 2013


I've been the only person in my house.  Actually, 1990 was the last time I was alone in the house 
for more than the daytime hours.

Well, I guess not totally by myself because Dottie Dog was with me the whole time while Hubby was away for the week for work.  It was kind of nice being the only one around -- I got to sleep in the whole bed without someone stealing the covers, watch what I wanted to watch on TV, 
and eat what and when I wanted.  

Of course, there were times when it was too quiet, lonely and Dottie Dog just wasn't into having a conversation.  

Hubby comes home tonight 
and things will return to "normal".


My stitching basket seems to be pretty full these days.  Between working on projects for clients, I'm working on small things for myself too.

This is a newly added design.  
I'm hoping to get started on it soon. 

Got the border started on the first of 
the Sheep Virtues series by LHN.  
I don't think I'll be getting this series done this year, lol.

Also in my basket to work on:

Santa's Village Series by Country Cottage Needleworks
Song of the Weather Hardanger SAL
Various Christmas Ornies

I don't have a rotation of any kind.  I just work on whatever I feel like working on a the moment.

What are you working on?



  1. Love your projects! I can't remember the last time I had any quiet time other than when the boys are in school!

  2. Sometimes it is nice to be all alone. Loving your new projects. I am working on a free design by Madame La Fee - the candy cane ornament.

  3. Love your project choices. It is nice to be alone at times.... that is why I have a sewing room! But I do like to have Dennis around when I am stitching or reading....nice to have him nearby. I am working on too many things at once! I may have to narrow down my working choices.

  4. You have a full basket! I'm working on JBW's black cat for my DD and Dawson's Sampler for my new Grand daughter, Hannah.

  5. I like being alone in the house until I don't - if that makes sense. It's usually fine up until meal time. Eating alone is, well, lonely. lol

  6. Lovely projects. I enjoy the odd nights when I get to sit and stitch in the quiet but they're not often.

  7. Very cute projects, Pam! I am always alone here on the days I don't work--in fact, I have to do my finishing when I'm alone. Just can't do it when others are around--weird, eh?

    My husband recently mentioned the "R" word (retirement) and I told him to please re-think that idea :)

  8. I'm usually alone and I don't mind. Celeste doesn't keep much company... only when she hears me rattling in the kitchen (Treat? What's up Mom?) or when she wants her food and water dish filled or when she wants to go outside.

    Your newest project looks adorable.


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