Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's been very cool here this weekend.  In fact, the weather people say it's the coolest on record for July.  It feels more like October.  Last week, everyone was complaining that it was too hot and humid; now they're complaining it's too cold.

How about a walk around the yard?

Remember when I showed this plant back in the spring?  
This is a bamboo like plant that starts out with these reddish shoots.

Below is what it looks like now.

 It grows taller and taller every day.

The variegated leaves are abundant and soon there will be tiny white flowers everywhere.

These Daylilies all have triple petals.  
I had to ask DD if they were always like that.
We don't think the blooms were like this last year.
Isn't that weird?

 I am especially fond of any flower that 
has the Daisy look.

I love how these petals look like they were 
dusted with sugar.

This is a mystery Mini Lily.
The blooms are only the size of a quarter. 
It came to my garden from my MIL.

The buds are between a half inch and inch long.
The blooms only last a couple of days and
then they close up into a spiral.

The delicate flowers of Coral Bell are so pretty.



  1. All your plants are so pretty. I do love that day lily!

  2. You have some very pretty and unusual plants in your yard, Pam--really enjoyed the walk! But, I sure wish it would warm up a bit--it is so cool here in the mornings that I have to wear my winter bathrobe!!

  3. Your backyard stroll is a feast for the eyes!!!!! So green and lush~~~

  4. You have a lovely yard with all those plants. Thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog. We do not have any trees that we can chop down on our property as we only have five acres, that's why we have to buy our wood in.

    Gill in Canada

  5. You have such pretty flowers in your yard!

    I agree, the weather has been more like October. I don't mind it, though... minus the humidity.

  6. Such lovely flowers, your garden is beautiful!

  7. Just love your garden and all the beautiful flowers through out your blog!

  8. Those mystery mini lilies are toad lilies.


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