Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Despite my dislike for winter,
I find the sculptures created by 
softly falling snow

 Oh, too bad it's not a snow day for everyone.

All the schools are closed, businesses are closed
and I'm spending the day
shoveling, stitching,
shoveling some more, stitching some more,
shoveling again, more stitching...
You get the idea! 

I hope you can enjoy some beauty in your day.
Be Safe!   


  1. The snow does look beautiful. Enjoy your day of stitching.

  2. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!

  3. Really, really pretty Pam. You and your new camera seem to be getting along just fine - photos are so clear and well framed. I am a bit jealous about the snow...probably because I'm not shovelling it.

  4. Your pictures are lovely! The snow is beautiful, but I sure don't miss the cold or having to shovel it! LOL

  5. Looks like the same scenes we woke up to this morning, Pam! It's really the prettiest snowfall we've had all winter. Your new camera is taking wonderful photos!! I may have to check that model out for myself. The one I have is good for closeups, but not for zooming in on things...

    Hope you had a great day yesterday with lots of stitching and just a little shoveling :)

  6. Brrrr... I'm thankful right now that our late Winter has been so mild. We often get snow in March and even as late as May, so I'm not getting my hopes up, but I'm ready for cold weather to BE GONE!

  7. Really nice photo's. Now I'm ready to see some photos of Spring! I need a camera like that. I've been shopping around and asking peoples opinion and so far I've heard Canon is a really good choice. Guess what I'm getting in the near future.....


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