Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I'm trying to get my stitchy projects done before Christmas.  I finally decided on two Little House Needleworks ornaments to stitch as gifts. 

This is my progress on the first ornament.  I haven't started the second one yet!  We have our Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve, so I don't have too much time to get these done.

(sorry for the blurry pics - they were taken with my daughter's phone)


My oldest daughter and future son-in-law adopted Skye.  She is a 12 week old Border Collie/Sheltie mix, super playful and very loving.  The vet thinks Skye will be about 30-35 pounds when she's full grown.  She's such a sweetie! 

Anyone who uses Yahoo Mail probably knows that Yahoo changed the email format last week.  Since then, I have had several issues.  I've sent feedback to Yahoo everyday as well as sent help requests and haven't received any response from Yahoo. 

The issues/problems I've been having are:
  1. When I reply to an email, Windows Live opens instead of being able to send a reply through Yahoo.  Since I don't use Windows Live, I am unable to reply to emails.
  2. In Group Digest messages, I cannot click on a message title and go to that message in the digest.  Instead, I'm taken to the first message in my Inbox.
  3. When moving from one email message to the next, the actual message opens in the middle or end of the message instead of at the top of the message. 
  4. After deleting or moving messages to another folder, the messages reappear in my inbox.

I've tried using different computers, different browsers and cleared all the cache and cookies from my computer and nothing has made a difference.

It's very frustrating and I'm at my wits end.  Have any of you had these issues?  Have you found a solution?

Sending my prayers out to the families in Connecticut.



  1. Such a cute puppy. Good luck with your ornaments:)

  2. Cute dog, I hope he behaves! About Yahoo, you won't hear from them. This has been an ongoing problem with yahoo group emails that are viewed or received in digest format. I went to individual emails and that's that. I skip the ones I don't want to read. Bad customer service but what do expect for free? I guess we are not customer's after all, LOL.

  3. I am having similar issues. When I reply to a post on digest, sometimes it comes up as an email, sometimes it comes up as Outlook which I do not use. I have noticed that in digest, sometimes the message is shortened, you have to click on view full message. Then, if you click on a message it will take you to it. It bugs me that the delete is gone from the bottom of the email. You read all the way through it and then have to scroll all the way back up to delete. Most all my groups are in digest mode. By the time I open it, open the full message and read through it I am spending half my time scrolling. I hate it.

  4. I've had some of those issues with the new Yahoo mail. I had the problem with digest before the upgrade but with it I can now click on it and it takes me to the message. Go figure. Deleted messages show up in my inbox too. They can't leave good enough alone, can they?

    The granddoggie is adorable!

    You'd better hurry if you're going to get those xmas gifts done!!

  5. I hope you can finish your ornaments.

    I get my mail through Yahoo as the cable company sends my mail there and I do not like Yahoo so just delete the messages. I also get my mail through Microsoft Outlook.

    Like the puppy.


  6. I too have ha issues with digest. But they didn't just start. They have always been like that. Bits why I don't do digest. With the replying opening up windows live.... Check the settings in your computer. It is likely set up to open that way by default from windows.

  7. Yahoo has been playing up this week for me as well hope they sort it soon. I have an iPad and use that lots of messages from my groups are ending up in my junk box and junk messages are in my inbox.
    Love your new start and hope you get it finished in time

  8. I feel your stress when it comes to finding time to stitch during the Holidays. It should be fun, not stressful. Congrats on your grand-dogger! She's beautiful, and she's going to keep her people hopping. :-) I can't say anything about the Yahoo troubles because I don't use that service, but I hope it sorts itself out for you.


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