Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Month's Worth...

of medical appointments in one week!

As my mother's care provider, I am responsible for taking her to the doctor -- and she goes to the doctor for EVERY - LITTLE - THING!  She's been complaining that her ears are plugged and she "can't hear a thing".  Although, I know for a fact that she's hearing normally because I've "caught" her.  She decided she needed to go the ENT specialist to have her ears cleaned.  To make this long story shorter, the ENT did a hearing test (it was normal); he ordered a CT scan and a balance test both scheduled for this week.

Last week, during our first snow storm of the season, I had to take mom to have a bone marrow biopsy.  The cancer center is in a city that normally takes an hour and half to drive to.  There were no snowplows out that day, it was very windy and the snow was blowing and drifting.  The drive was sooo loooong and took twice as long to get there.  Coming home was even worse!

Had the follow up appointment with the oncologist yesterday.  My mom has a type of lymphoma that is progressing and now requires treatment.  Now we have the preliminary appointments for labs and x-rays this week as well.  Why couldn't they schedule these appointments for the same day? 

She starts the treatment next week and since there are side effects with the drugs, I will have to drive her and pick her up.  The oncologist said this isn't chemo, but when you hear the serious side effects, it's as potent as chemo.

A New Start

On a brighter note, I started on my second ornament!  I've completed my piece for the Winter exchange I'm in, but I can't show you that yet.

For now, I'll leave you in suspense as to which ornament I've started.  I'm hoping to show more progress next week.

Winter weather has arrived here in North Central Illinois and I'm wishing we'd get the spring-like weather back!

Until next time...
Happy Stitchin'


  1. Hi Pam, sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope things go better for you & her. Nice start on your next ornament.

  2. So you'll have three finishes for 2012 soon!

    At least you made it there and back safely. Darn snow! We're due for up to 8" tonight. I did all my shopping and errands right after work so I don't have to go out tomorrow.

  3. Sorry to hear about all those appointments I was a caregiver for my late father who had Dementia as well as diabetes. It was so difficult to get him to hospital and then we would have to go back a few days later for something else. Glad your stitching is going well.

  4. Please know you & your mom are in my prayers. Be safe on the roads.

    Congrats in you finishes!

    Your ornament is lovely.

  5. Yikes! I hate it when the drs schedule multiple things but all on different days. Like money for gas and such grows on trees, right? LOl!! Your WIP looks great. Love the colors.

  6. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Be careful on the roads.
    Lovely stitching

  7. I hope your mom's treatment goes well. I like new start- pretty Christmas colors. No idea which pattern it is though!

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia

  8. Wonderful work on your ornaments, Pam! I like your list of "to-do's". I can't wait to see your progress. I hope your mom's treatments aren't to hard on her or you!

  9. I hope your mother's treatment goes well.
    Nice start.


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