Friday, February 19, 2016

February Catch-Up

My mojo has disappeared!
I have no anticipation to start a new project and no desire to pick up my needle, 
although there's no shortage of beautiful designs to tempt me.

I embroidered 18 baptism napkins for my church and that's the only stitching I've done so far this year.

Rather than pushing myself to start a project, I'll just wait it out and hope that stitchy bug returns. 
When I lost my mojo a couple of years ago, I felt really unsettled and that upset me - a lot.  
I'm trying to stay relaxed and not stress out about it.


I'm not the only one watching the birds in my back yard.

Not one...not two...not three...

Yes, that's FOUR feral black cats in my trees!

It's no wonder I haven't had many birds visiting the feeders like they used to.

I was excited to see the cardinal pair briefly return to my backyard.  


Meet Hollie, my youngest DD's new puppy.  
Hollie, an Australian Shepherd, is only 3 weeks old and not yet ready to leave her mom.  

These are the parents and Hollie will look like her mom -- the red tri-color on the right.

I'm ready for the weekend!


  1. What a cute puppy! I am so sorry to hear about the cats, I don't like it when the cat next door stalks my birds! Your mojo will come back. I think you are doing the right thing by not forcing things. Maybe one of the new designs will spark your interest.

  2. Wait it out and do not stress. Enjoy your birds in the meantime.

  3. Your granddog is adorable! Hope the mojo comes back soon!

  4. What a cutie Hollie is! Enjoy the birds and let your mind wander; when you get the urge to stitch then pick it up. Have a joy-filled weekend!

  5. Oh that puppy! Puppy breath! What a sweetie. Mojo comes and goes but stash is there forever. Whenever we're ready, there is never a lack of projects.

  6. What a sweet, adorable puppy. Are you able to trap the cats and take them to the Humane Society?

  7. I hope your stitching mojo returns soon, I think we all go through that once in awhile.
    That's a lot of cats!
    The cardinals are so pretty, and all of the doggies are too cute.

  8. Oh Hollie is adorable!

    We have so many pet cats around here and next door's cat is prone to catching birds in my garden! Makes me angry as I love watching the birds but they don't come in as much.

    Hope your mojo comes back soon.

  9. Oh, such a sweet pup! She reminds me of my brother-in-laws dog. She gave birth to six Australian Shepherd puppies when my boys were small and I can still remember their excitement when we drove to Ohio to see them... Enjoy!! And I hope your desire to stitch returns, soon, Pam! I have the desire--just no time these days for some reason!

  10. I know the urge to stitch will return, and we will be seeing some great stitching from you again! No worries... winter doldrums get to us, plus life in general! For now, you can just report on the 'stuff' part of your blog! Cute puppy... will be a nice looking dog like it's mommy! I do hope that you can get rid of those feral cats--ugh!! You must have had a lot of birds to attract four, PLUS they are up in the trees, where they birds would be! Not nice! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  11. Have you been doing other crafts since you're not stitching?


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