Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Squirrel Activity

Spring Flowers

I've been so busy these past few weeks.  My mom is no longer in remission and we have been going to endless medical appointments.  The oncologist said there is no cure for the type of lymphoma mom has.  She can have treatment and hopefully go into remission, but there is no way to know if and how long remission will last.  Due to her many medical issues and complications, mom has decided not to have additional treatment at this time.   It's possible that mom will change her mind later and decide to have treatment, but for now, while she's feeling ok, she's putting off treatment.

Hubby is becoming more comfortable with the new company and he enjoys the camaraderie with the new bosses.  The new company works to keep employee moral high, but they lack in how they handle human resource issues.  The payroll and benefits are still not completely ironed out and that is super stressful for us.

Not much stitching going on these days.  I have high hopes and long lists of designs I want to stitch, just not enough energy or hours in the day.  I'm so exhausted by dinner time that I can barely keep my eyes open!

It's downhill until the weekend and for once, there is nothing planned.  I'm looking forward to some much needed down time.  Just got the A Year in Chalk charts for May and June so I might even get some stitching done!

What do you have planned for the weekend?



  1. Squirrels! I know they are generally considered to be pests, but I find them amusing. Looks like spring is bursting out! Life has been keeping you busy and stressed. No wonder you are tired.

  2. Love your header Pam.
    Sorry to hear about your mother hope things work out soon for her.
    And also your DH get things sorted at work so you are not too stressed .
    Enjoy your weekend and some stitching time.

  3. Sorry about your mom but it's good that she is feeling OK at the moment.
    And also good to hear that your husband feels comfortable in his new job and company - hopefully the still existing problems will get sorted out soon.
    I hope that your next weekend will be just the way your want it to be, relaxing and full of stitches :)

  4. I hope your Mom feels better for a long time to come. I don't blame her for not wanting more treatment. It's no barrel of monkeys, for sure.

    I haven't had much time to stitch either. Like you, I'm exhausted every night.

    My weekend more than like will be spent at my parent's house, packing clothes, organizing and cleaning. It's taking forever since I am the only one doing it... and there are three of us who live close by. :(

  5. Squirrels are such fun to watch, aren't they? Until they begin digging in my flower pots. ;)
    Our priest is coming to bless our home on Sunday. I will be baking some treats on Saturday.

  6. What cute pictures of the squirrels and flowers!
    Happy Stitching

  7. Pam dear ~
    You and your Mom in my heart and prayers... Hope your weekend
    is restorative and smooth.....

  8. You definitely can use a bit of down time. I will keep both you and your family in my prayers.

  9. Stress can definitely cause you to be tired. And as for being tired 'all the time'--your life has had some 'ups' and 'downs' that come high on the stress meter! So, relax when you can and stitch as it strikes you. There is a time and season for everything... it sounds like a family season for you right now. Will lift you and your family in my prayers... Big hugs!

  10. So sorry to hear about your Mom. It is definitely a stressful situation for both her and you; praying for her as she takes the road that she feels most comfortable with. I am going to squeeze in some stitching time over the weekend and I hope you get in a few minutes of time for yourself! I love those squirrels ;)

  11. Prayers for you and your mom Pam! Hope you get to relax this weekend. You deserve to.
    Maybe be able to pick up your needle just as a treat for yourself. Lovely photos.
    love Annette

  12. Oh, dear, Pam--I'm so sorry to read about your mother. I will certainly keep her in my prayers--what a difficult time for your entire family...

    Love your photos of spring and those scamps--the squirrels. They will do just about anything to get to the bird food, won't they?!

    Nothing exciting in my weekend--I cleaned the upstairs this morning and now plan to finish two Christmas ornaments and a gift for a friend. Tomorrow I have to work, but I do enjoy my job at least :)


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