Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Chalk

March - A Year in Chalk
Design by Hands On Design
Stitched on WDW 30ct Gunmetal
with suggested GAST threads

April - A Year in Chalk
Design by Hands On Design
Stitched on WDW 30ct Gunmetal
with suggested GAST threads

Robin in Virginia passed along the tip of using starch on the fabric to stiffen it up.  I tried the starch.  Let me tell you, it made a world of difference!   I will most definitely be using starch on the rest of the fabric for this series (and any other flimsy fabric I have).

I wanted to pass along another tip about this series for those of you yet to stitch these.  The designer told me that each design will take 1 skein of GAST Chalk and that some of the future months may take a little more than 1 skein of GAST Chalk.

Monthly SAL
Stitched on 28 ct Black Monaco
with Six Strand Sweets floss
January -  Wintermint (shades of light blue)
February - Cherries Jublilee (shades of light pink)
March - Creme de Mint (shades of light green)

These will be finished with a coordinating fabric border as a flat piece with magnets so I can display them in my kitchen with the 
A Year in Chalk pieces.

For the first time in several years, I don't have consignment pieces to work on.  I'm loving the freedom of stitching whatever I want.  The problem is that there's just way too much I want to stitch and I actually have several projects started with more waiting.

 Last fall, this Impatient was brought inside for the winter.  It had been hit with frost and only a small portion of the plant was saved.  I'm now being rewarded with blooms!  Anyone know what the whitish things on the plant are?  They look kind of like grains of salt and appeared when the buds appeared.  

Are you having spring in your area?  I say we are having the typical spring here -- sunny and warm one day, cold and snowing the next!

 Happy Spring!


  1. Wow 2 series both stitched on dark fabrics. That is challenging! They look great Pam.

  2. Your April and May finishes are both so cute, Pam! Glad the starch has helped with the fabric--I'll have to remember that tip :)

    It's warming up to 60 tomorrow here, but we're supposed to get cold again on Friday with more snow! Oh well, March is always very unpredictable!

  3. Very pretty chalk designs. Not sure about the white dots. Do they move?

  4. Lovely stitching! Great idea to make them magnets!
    love Annette

  5. Your Monthly SAL's look really nice on the black fabric. I like your idea of making them into magnets. Looking forward to seeing them finish-finished. I met the designer of the chalk series in 2010 at PALS... really nice lady.


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