Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Remembering Grandma

Today, I'm remembering my Grandma.  
You see, I am the first grandchild and we share a birthday.

 Grandma holding me right after I was born.

Growing up, Grandma and Grandpa lived just across town
and we got to spend alot of time together.

From her soft spoken, gentle nature to her strong Christian faith, 
Grandma was the living example of the values she taught all of her grandchildren.  So much of her made me who I am today.

My mom, Grandma, my oldest daughter and me.  October 1991.

When I saw the post and free design by 
I knew that I wanted to stitch it in memory of my Grandma.

I Will Be There
The Snowflower Diaries
Stitched on
28 Count Light Pink Unknown Fabric over 1

I changed the thread colors to 
Classic Colorworks Collard Greens for the vine, 
Classic Colorworks Cocoa Bean for the words 
and DMC 3726 for the roses.

I had some scraps of the Rambling Rose fabric and made a pincushion for my sewing room.




  1. What a sweet tribute and, was it you that was the winner of Santa Nancy's drawing today? If so, how perfect! Just like a gift from your Grandma on the day you honored her. : )

  2. Awesome post! Awesome pincushion too.

  3. What a sweet way to remember your Grandmother. Sending you warm and thoughtful ((HUGS))

  4. Beautiful!!! What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother!

  5. I just loved reading about the special bond between you and your grandmother, Pam. There really is something so unique about a grandma and her relationship with the child that made her a grandma :) I have been thinking about doing that same piece in memory of my dad as he loved rose gardening. Yours turned out beautifully and the fabric is a perfect complement!

  6. What a loving tribute to your Grandma! Thanks for sharing! And Happy Birthday! :)

  7. What a lovely way to honor your Grandma. They are very special people. A Happy Birthday to you too!

  8. I'm the oldest grandchild too so I well know how special your relationship with your grandmother was. Your stitch is a great way to remember her.

  9. That's beautiful and great photo :)

  10. Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful tribute to your Grandma you shared with us! I really like your pincushion finish.

    Robin in Virginia

  11. Great photo's and memories. Perfect Cross Stitch to stitch up.

  12. Beautiful photos of your Grandma. Love what you stitched. I have this printed out ready to stitch when I can get to it.

  13. Happy Birthday! I loved your sweet post about you and your grandma! YEP Grandmas are totally special and the love you still have for her shines from you. Beautiful pincushion you made in memory of your grandmother. love Annette

  14. Happy (belated) Birthday! It's a perfect post to honor your grandma. :)
    I was only a week off from sharing a birthday with my grandma. (And, sadly, a week off in the either direction from when she passed.) I would have adored sharing the day with her.

  15. What a great tribute for your grandma. Happy Birthday, Pam.


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