Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feathered Friends and an Exchange

I'm not sure which kind of Sparrow these are, 
but there are many of them visiting my yard each day.
  They visit every feeder and like to get
in the woodstove chimney when we don't have a fire going.

The Blue Jay visits every day as well.
His call is very loud.

This tiny Woodpecker visits daily too.

Yes, Mr. Redbird hangs around also.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing the Screech Owl in my tree!
I haven't seen it in many months.
Right after I saw the owl, a squirrel ran up the tree and the
owl backed up into the hole and stayed inside the rest of the day.

~ ~ EXCHANGE ~ ~

Ornament & Floss 
received from Jody R.


  1. You are so lucky to have the owl! Great photo! I miss cardinals. We don't have them in the Seattle area. Loved seeing all your feathered friends.

  2. Very cool owl picture! Lovely little birds!

  3. You have a large flock of House Sparrows. They are the urban sparrows that eat all the falken crums when you dine outside. You also have a Downy Woodpecker. I am envious of your owl sighting!

  4. Oh so many birds! I love the owl! Silly squirrel , leave the owl alone!

  5. I loved seeing all the birds ... it's like looking out in my yard except for the owl! I have those exact same sparrows : ) Lovely exchange!

  6. Very, very nice photos. What a lovely gift for you!

  7. Great photo of the owl. Lovely exchange too.

  8. Very cool bird photos. Nice exchange.

  9. Oh, I love that owl!! All of your bird photos are great, Pam, as is the gift from Jody :)

  10. Ooh, that is a little Downy Woodpecker! Lucky you to have photographed it! Not sure if we have many birds left around here, but I did see a flock of robins yesterday when it was so nice and warm. Today, in the 40's---no birds sighted! Thanks for sharing!


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