Wednesday, September 24, 2014


We really enjoy watching the hummingbirds visit the feeder and zip around the yard.

There are at least 5 that are always around.  They buzz past us when we're sitting on the porch swing, perch in the Smoke Bush, take off again, visiting flowers throughout the yard and stopping at the feeder.  Over and over and over again.

The other evening, as I walked out my front door, something caught my eye.

Do you see it?

See the little hummer perched on the vine?

This hummer was perched on a vine right outside my front door.

It was about 6:45 pm and despite my using the front door, the hummingbird did not move AT ALL.

I'm aware that hummingbirds go into torpor, a type of hibernation at night, but I never thought one would choose a vine next to my front door, totally exposed and low to the ground.  I also didn't think they would go into torpor so early in the evening as it wasn't getting dark for at least an hour.

I worried about the little bird all night long!  After all, we do live in a rural area with critters around all the time.

Hubby had to leave for work early the next morning and it was still dark out when he left the house.  We cautiously opened the front door and were relieved to see the hummingbird still perched like a statue on the vine.

The little hummingbird did not move until the sun began shining on the front porch around 7:15 am.

Just so you know, we did not get close to the hummingbird.  These photos were taken with a zoom lens and we used the back door after we discovered the bird so close to the front door.



  1. You can see her eye's are closed. You did the right thing to stay far away and I am glad that it worked out okay for the bird.

  2. Glad the bird is alright. Amazed you got to see it and on your porch! love Annette

  3. Neat! I only saw one hummer this summer.

  4. Hmmm... I never knew that about hummingbirds! Glad she is okay :)

  5. My goodness. What an interesting experience. We get tons of these little guys but I've never had that happen to me. It is a little unsettling, being so exposed like that.

  6. I didn't know ANY of that about hummingbirds. I don't even think I'd realize that's what it was at first. I need to get out more apparently. It's amazing you got to capture that though, Pam. That's amazing!


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