Friday, April 25, 2014


Signs of spring are all around.

All of my neighbors have mowed their grass -- even though it doesn't really need it.
Although I haven't put the snow shovels away yet, 
I think it's safe to say "Spring is here!"

In one week's time
we have leaves on trees

a Bleeding Heart

and Goldfinches wearing their bright yellow summer colors!

I have decided to start a project to give myself a break from the consignment pieces.  
I'll still spend most of my stitching time on the consignment pieces, 
but I need some time just to work on my own project.

Have you seen the Lizzie*Kate 4 Seasons Flip Its?

There's just something about that rooster on the summer design
and these are now on my wishlist!

What about Lizzie*Kate's Do Your Best Limited Edition Kit?

I ordered this kit and it's in my to-do pile waiting to be stitched.  
My kit came with the red fabric shown in the photo.

but then...
Be Who You Are is also in my to-do pile.

Oh gosh, I also have tons of other designs in my to-do pile!  
I could pull out any one of the gazillion ornaments waiting to be stitched.
or, maybe I should start on one of the Blue Ribbon Designs.
Perhaps something for DD's wedding should be my project, 
except I don't even have anything picked out.

My, oh my, it will be such a difficult decision.  
One that I'll probably ponder all weekend!

Any suggestions? 


  1. Pick the one that you like the best and enjoy!! No lawn mowing here yet but the trees are all leafing out.

  2. I haven't seen any of these. I love them all!

  3. Oh such wonderful signs of spring. I say mix up the patterns close your eyes and grab one!

  4. Looks like spring has finally arrived! Lots of great stitching and I have very similar tastes!

  5. LK has so many fun choices! We have signs of spring, although the temps and winds aren't very springy...can't believe how unseasonably cool it has been!

  6. Beautiful photos my friend! You ought to stitch Do Your Best. I have that in my stash too ... we could work on it together : )

  7. Hmm... I'd say just pick the one you like the most and are the most excited to stitch! Those are some great choices :D

  8. There are just too many choices in life these days, Pam, but at least what to stitch next is a fun choice! It is probably much easier to stitch consignment pieces as there are no decisions involved :)

    Glad spring has sprung--we have a lovely day ahead here, too. Can't believe how everything is greening up so quickly!

  9. Looks like your Spring has spring. No suggestions I'm afraid, I think I am in the same position!


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