Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Got Side-tracked!

First, I must apologize to any of you who commented on my blog but never got a reply from me.  Between not having my own computer, internet issues and yahoo's email problems, I have lost track of who I sent replies to and who I didn't. 

I appreciate hearing from all of you and every comment means alot to me, so please don't give up on me if you didn't get a reply after you left a comment.  Hopefully I'll be getting a new laptop soon and with any luck, yahoo will straighten itself out so I can keep everything in order.

Every now and then, something comes along that completely captures my interest and that's how I get side-tracked. 

Not long ago, I let Dottie Dog out early in the morning.  It was pre-dawn, but still light enough to see without needing to turn on the flood light.  Hubby had already left for work and it was one of those rare mornings when I still had alot of time before I had to leave, so I sat on my swing with a cup of coffee.  It was a warm fall morning and Dottie enjoyed exploring the yard looking for critters. 

Then we heard the loudest, most unusual noise.  It's not uncommon to hear wildlife where I live, but this was unlike anything I had ever heard.  Even Dottie stopped and looked up into the trees.  Whatever it was, was in the large maple right above us.

It wasn't until later that afternoon, when I met my neighbor as I was walking back from getting my mail, that I found out what made the noise.  George is very familiar with the outdoors and wildlife, so I tried to describe the sound to him.

I explained that it sounded kind of like a combination of a dove and high pitched horse whinny.  George knew immediately that it was an owl.  An Eastern Screech Owl to be exact.  Now, I'm used to hearing owls that hoot, but I've never heard a Screech Owl.  Have you?

If you would like to hear what an Eastern Screech Owl sounds like, listen to the audio clip here.  Scroll down and click on Typical Voice under the owl silhouette.

When I saw Just Nan's Oakley Owlet, I just had to get it -- and stitch it right away! 

Isn't Oakley Owlet just the cutest little thing!

Started November 1, 2013
Finished November 2, 2013
Stitched on 28 count gray-blue fabric
with various hand-dyed threads

Yep, I really needed to be working on that BAP, but, like I said, I got side-tracked!



  1. How cool Pam, a screech owl! And such a cute stitch too.

  2. That is so cute Pam! Congrats on your finish!

  3. That little owl is adorable. I heard a screech owl when I was a child and it scared me. My Dad laughed and said it was just an owl.

  4. You're lucky, I get the really screechy ones in my back yard. The first time I heard one I thought someone had run over another person's foot with the paving company truck just up the road. Very cute owlet.

  5. Very cool. Lovely finish to go along with the loud noise.

  6. How nice to be able to hear wildlife like that! You're owl is so cute.

  7. Oakley owlet is a very sweet distraction

  8. oh such a cute finish! well done!!

  9. Very cute...and by the way, they have medication for that side-tracked business...just kidding!! Oh, look, a chicken...

  10. Oh my goodness, it's so cute!! I love it :D

  11. Your owlet is cute! Way to go on your finish!

    Robin in Virginia

  12. I get side tracked a lot too. Make life interesting, doesn't it. Your little owl is so cute!

  13. Your owl is adorable!
    The sound of the owl is different. I have heard the hooting before but not the horse sound from a bird before.

  14. Oh, such a cute little finish, Pam!! I don't think I've ever heard a screech owl before even though we have a ton of wildlife out there in our backyard, too...

  15. adore the Owl, he's so cute.

  16. I think I've only seen a owl or two my whole life... and not out in the wild. Surprisingly, the one thing we do have is bats. Which I would not have expected until I was up to my cabin one evening this summer and nearly got one upside the head just before dark!

    Your stitch is sooooo sweet! It caught my eye right away :) Beautiful and so unique.

    Happy Stitching



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