Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Can you believe it's February already?  I've noticed the days are a little longer, the sunshine moves through my office in a different way and our weather is CRAZY -- all signs (at least here in the Midwest) that spring is coming!

I'm trying something different.  I've never really set stitchy goals before and just went with whatever I felt like stitching, but I've started thinking about my stitchy goals for February.

Two things MUST get done:  
Get Soldier Memorial framed and sent to the soldier's family.
Finish a Model Stitching project.

-- snap -- 
just like that, I have the urge to stitch hearts, Valentine's or Love themed pieces.  

So here are the first two pieces:

Since I still want to stitch more snowmen, I will go through my patterns and find some more designs that have both snowmen and hearts or love.

What are your stitching goals?  

Who's stitching for Valentine's Day?

Mom Update:  We saw the oncologist last week.  I can't believe we've been going through cancer treatments for a year!  The oncologist said "Aren't you glad you only have 14 months of treatment left"?

All I could think was it has been one long year and to hear her say 14 more months of treatment just felt like a load of bricks being dropped on me.  

The hope is that at the end of the 14 months, the lymphoma will be in remission.  How long it stays in remission is uncertain.  What is certain is that any treatment needed after the 14 months will be more invasive.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


  1. The year is going so quick. I did buy the the season of love to stitch for Dh but that might have to wait for next year now. Continued good thoughts for you:)

  2. New follower saying hello, and I love the projects you've picked to do. Sending good wishes your way for your mom. I hope all this time spent in treatment results in many years of good health and happiness.

  3. Cute stitching projects you have lined up.

    Hard to believe it's been a year since your Mom started treatment. Hopefully, she'll be in remission by the end of the treatment. *fingers crossed*

  4. Pam - Interesting stitching choices for February. I hope the month goes well for you. Isn't the 'extra' daylight a blessing?

  5. Lovely choices for February, Pam--I've been working on a few little Valentine's projects myself. Just need the bright, cheery projects right now in mid-winter.

    Will be hoping the next 14 months pass quickly for your dear mother--how hard that must be on your entire family...

  6. Those are cute choices you have for February and hope you can accomplish them.

    Will be praying for your Mom and hope the treatments work for her.


  7. I love your choices for February, especially the first one. I'm not stitching anything specifically for Valentine's Day. I have a couple of things I want to work on, but have no real deadlines other than that the anniversary piece I'm working on needs to be done by June, and I'm hoping to finish it before the weekend is over.

    All good vibes zooming your way for your mom. I hope that she, and you, stay strong.


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