Monday, January 21, 2013


Despite our beautiful, spring-like weather on Saturday, I did get some afternoon stitching time.  It's amazing how much can get accomplished on a Saturday when one gets up and going early.  Hubby and I had a few things to get done, beginning with taking Dottie to get her nails trimmed.  It was also time to have our wedding bands inspected to keep the warranties valid.  From there, we headed to the DIY home improvement store for a massive beam that Hubby insists he needs he needs for his latest DIY project.

The plan was that we'd get the massive beam and return home so he could work on his project. Hubby didn't expect that the beam had to be special ordered.  I'm thought I'd get to go home and have the afternoon to stitch, but Hubby had other ideas. 

Since the weather was so nice, Hubby decided we'd take a drive up to our camping site.  His excuse was that he needed to get some tools for his project.  Dottie was thrilled to run around the yard at our camper.  We drove around the grounds and found a herd of deer grazing in a prairie and hundreds of geese standing on an iced over lake while ice fishermen were fishing nearby.  There were actually alot of campers camping and enjoying the spring-like weather.  I'm not one that likes camping in the winter, but Hubby was wishing he could do some ice fishing too.

 We did get home by 3 and I was able to get a couple of hours of stitching in before dinner.  I also got several hours of stitching in on Sunday afternoon.

Bride's Tree Ornament #1
Brooke's Books Publishing

Soldier Memorial

I had started on the name and other info for this soldier, but I was unhappy with the way I charted the lettering.  I stitched the first line and felt it was difficult to read, so I completely recharted the lettering. It's not as fancy as I wanted, but I think it's easier to read now.


Every time I get my camera out, she comes and poses so I can take her picture, or she tries to get in with whatever I'm photographing.  

Dottie has really been a sad girl.  Every night she lays on the trunk by the window next to the front door waiting for the girls to come home.  Only they aren't coming home because one is away at college and the other doesn't live here anymore.  


This woodpecker is a frequent visitor to the suet feeder.

 I wonder what they are talking about!

The pretty red bird is a male House Finch.  
From what my Backyard Bird app tells me,
 the House Finch can range in color 
between orange and red .

He was difficult to photograph because he didn't
stay put for very long.

Barely gold Goldfinches.
They lose their vibrant gold color during 
the winter months.



  1. beautiful stitching. I like your dog and the posing for the camera. you have very pretty birds that come visit you.

  2. Poop puppy! Half the pack has left! Your stitching looks good!

  3. Poor Dottie:( Your stitching looks lovely.

  4. Oh Pam - what a gorgious woodpecker!

  5. Your stitching looks so pretty. Love the birds in your back yard.


  6. Stitching looks great! Poor little Dottie..hope she cheers up soon. Bird pics are nice. :)

  7. Home is looking great. fab photos of the birds.

  8. Your newest ornament is very pretty. I hope Dottie feels better soon. There's been a lot of changes lately with the girls being gone and the other pup gone. Great bird pics.


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