Wednesday, January 23, 2013


makes me think of my Grandma, though I'm not sure why.  Grandma has been on my mind alot lately.  We shared a special bond.  I was her first grandchild and I happened to be born on her birthday.  She was always the one who supported me in both good and bad times.  Grandma was able to get me to do things I never would have done for anyone else.

She's been gone almost 19 years, but I can still see her working in her garden, hanging clothes on the line or setting the table for the next day's breakfast.  I can still hear her clever remarks, witty insight and gentle scolding when I'd get cookie crumbs on the "davenport".  We always called it a sofa or couch but she insisted it was a "davenport", lol. 

Grandma used her calendar as her daily diary.  How I wish those calendars were still around.  Her simple calendar was the free one from the pharmacy and in each daily box, she'd write things like that day's weather, appointments, who called or came to visit, how many quarts of beans she canned, places she went (including the grocery store) and anything else she wanted to remember.

I don't make new years resolutions, but for 2013, I've decided to write on my calendar what I am thankful for that day.  It's so easy to get caught up in the demands of the daily routine, work, and all that needs to be accomplished.  Maybe by pausing for a moment each day to reflect on what I'm thankful for, I'll keep the positive and truly important things more in focus.

Have a great day!


  1. Frost is almost magical, isn't it.

    Remembering your Grandma caused me to remember mine. She too kept a diary/calendar of weather, lists, daily events. I thought it was her way of managing her early Alzheimer's. I wish I had some of her entries...

  2. Hi Pam,
    I like your idea for the calender!

    And I miss my Grandma too!

  3. Hello Pam

    I love your post today. Your Grandma sounds like a lovely lady.

  4. What a nice tribute to a very special woman Pam! I have lots of my Gram's Hallmark calendars - chocka-block full of all her appointments and reminders. Very special. MY other Gram was from North Dakota so she (like yours) had a davenport.

  5. Great memories of your grandma. Mine passed when I was 10 and I still miss her. She called it a davenport, too! Pretty frost pics.

  6. "...for 2013, I've decided to write on my calendar what I am thankful for that day."

    This is a wonderful idea!

    - Lisa N.


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