Tuesday, December 4, 2012


When I was a kid, growing up in a new, suburban neighborhood, all the houses had outdoor decorations for Christmas.  One neighbor had an over-sized Santa in his sleigh with super tiny reindeer on his roof.  I always thought it looked so funny, but I sure looked forward to seeing it every year.  Our house had lights illuminating the roof line and we hung a string of lights around each window.  The tree sat in the living room directly in front of the big window and us kids took such pleasure in decorating it.

This box holds so many memories for me.  It is the only box left from my childhood and it's filled with various ornaments we made all those years ago.  Us kids would drag all the boxes out from under the basement steps and haul them upstairs to the living room.  We would empty all the boxes and have everything sitting out all over the living room.  It took us hours and hours to get everything just the way we wanted it.  (Funny how I don't remember taking any of the decorations down -- maybe mom did it when we went back to school).

I'm reminded of all the happy Christmas' of my childhood, when the magic and wonder of the season filled everyday leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Opening another little window on the Advent calendar and reading that day's bible verse kindled that excitement for the upcoming celebration.

It sure seemed like the days lasted alot longer back then.

Can you believe that I'm still trying to find ornament designs to stitch for gifts for family members?  I know, I have that super long ornament list, but...  I - just - can't - decide!!!  Any suggestions?

I celebrated a birthday on Monday and this is what Hubby made for me.  No gifts, but he made dinner and cupcakes!  My youngest daughter is in Japan right now, but she sent me a birthday message through facebook.  My oldest daughter and future son-in-law stopped in for a short visit too.   

Simple joys made my day!

I can honestly say I've don't ever remember being able to sit on my porch swing without a coat, gloves and hat on my birthday.  The temp in my area of Illinois made it up to 72 degrees!

May you find the magic and wonder 
of this holiday season!  


  1. I think you should get the most important first. You should keep the tradtion going even though everyone is gone. That way if they come home they still have that. I don't know what you do when it's really cold out. The temp in my area doesn't get that cold often and I love the warmer weather.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I remember the holidays just how you described. I actually still have some of my Great Grandmothers old glass ornies. I was very sad when a few years ago our tree stand broke and smashed a few more. Luckily I have my 2 wonderful daughters to make me new ones that are just as special.
    I still follow the Advent Calendar tradition for the girls. I have a wooden one that contains tiny ornaments to put tiny tree in their room. Every day they each get to add one to the tree.

  3. Happy Birthday. With three little ones Christmas is an exciting time for us:)

  4. I have the same problem, Pam. There are so many cute ornaments! So, sorry... I can't help. LOL Maybe put all the names in a bowl and choose one that way? Or, use the random generator.

    I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  5. Hi Pam. Great job on your blog. Keep up the great job. I have given you The Liebster award. Go to my blog to read about it.

    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  6. I have a leaflet of the twelve days of Christmas in ornament size, one ornament for each day, but other than that, that is all I've got. Hope your birthday was a good one! We have had tremendous temps here in Illinois, thats for sure. I have some wonderful memories of Christmas as well as a Child, maybe I'll tell of them in my next blog.


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