Monday, July 16, 2012

you trip over your laptop cord and the thing bounces to the floor!

Don't you just love how it looks like I have a world map on my screen now!

My friendly "nerd" is now working on the laptop (see below) and ordering a new screen (well maybe ordering a new screen).  Hubby says we should just get a new laptop.  I hate the thought of buying a new laptop when the thing is still working. 

There is a computer virus called Live Security Platinum going around.  It's one of those virus' that latches onto a vulnerable website and then infects everyone who visits that website, except it's virtually impossible to know which website it's latched on to.

According to my computer guy, it mimics anti-virus software and flashes virus alerts.  It's an aggressive, sneaky virus too.  It corrupts the true anti-virus software so that it can't detect and stop the virus from infecting the system.  It also locks the user out of shutting down the system, closing programs, downloading, installing and updating anti-virus software or malware utilities.  Once this virus takes over, it writes files in different locations on the hard drive so it can regenerate itself every 20 minutes and every time the computer is rebooted.

I am very vigilant about keeping my anti-virus software up to date, but this virus was able to by-pass my anti-virus software by corrupting it's files.  You can do an internet search for more information.


  1. Depending on how old your laptop is, it may be better and cheaper to get a new one. Sorry to hear about your laptop woes. That virus sounds nasty.

  2. Thanks for the warning of the virus. I hope your computer is fixed soon.

  3. My laptop screen looks similar :) I finally had to change laptops as I couldn't stand the green any more. Hope you can get yours fixed.
    Heidi ILCS

  4. I am sorry to hear about the sad state of your laptop, but don't be afraid to get a new one. You will be amazed at the difference a newer computer can make in your life.


  5. Glad to hear about the latest attacks going around on the internet. My husband has got a laptop that does not shut and is held together by tape buy he still says whilst it works why purchase a new one

  6. Hope you get your laptop fixed and thanks for the information on the virus.



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