Monday, July 16, 2012


I came across this in my STASH.  A looong time ago, I won this fabric on an ebay auction.  The description was 28 count pastel linen and it included four pieces (red, blue, teal & green) that are a half yard each.  Even though it was not what I was thinking pastel linen would be and the picture on the auction looked very different than what I received, I kept the fabric.  I guess I thought I’d find a use for it *someday*.

So, what should I do with it?  My eyes bug out just looking at the threads of this fabric.  I had to take a needle and thread and stitch a row just to see if it was actually something I could stitch on.

I have some designs that I’d like to stitch for pillows and this fabric might be good for that, IF it can be bleached or dyed.  It’s a heavy fabric, almost like a denim weight.  I do like the general color of the fabrics, just not the colored fabric thread with the white fabric thread.  

I was thinking maybe it could be dyed to be more of a solid color, but I know I’d have a difficult time matching the colored fabric threads.  I also thought about bleaching it, but I’m worried bleach would damage the fabric threads.

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  1. far as the fabric goes, it looks like you could do a bit of embroidery on it and then turn it into say a pillow or bag.


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