Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stitching Blahs Still in Progress
Ironically, I posted about my stitching blahs and Loretta over at Stitching the Night Away is having a blog hop where stitching bloggers can post a response on their own blog.  Her first topic is Stitching Blahs.

Well, I'm still in the blahs and you can read about it down below the Blog Hop info... 

Maybe I'll get some good ideas and get my mojo back.

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Ever choose a new design to stitch, kit it up, sit down and begin stitching only to decide after you've been stitching for a short time that you can't really get into stitching the design?

That's what my weekend was like.  I have three small designs that I kitted up to carry with me when I'm out and about or just want something quick to work on.  I started one design and just couldn't get into it.  I don't know if it's the fabric I chose, the fact that I'm stitching it over one or just me, but I had to put it down after 30 minutes.

Even walking away for a bit and coming back to it didn't work.  So I pulled out another small design I've been wanting to stitch for quite a while now.  Had everything ready to go, just had to stitch it.  Nada! Nothing. Not happenin'.  Couldn't get into stitching that one either.

Decided to get a snack and take a catnap instead.  I think it was only 5 or 10 minutes later, Dottie was barking up a storm.  Taco, the brown squirrel, decided to get into the bird feeder again.  So much for my nap!

Picked up the stitching again.  I just sat there staring at the fabric and few stitches I had put in.  Still couldn't get into stitching.

I looked through my other designs in waiting, but just couldn't find anything that I really wanted to stitch.  I gave up.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

 I decided on the floral design for the Box Finishing Class.  I was able to find the perfect coordinating fabric in my STASH and pulled out a bag of miscellaneous trims I bought at a garage sale last year.  I'm all ready for the next assignment!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Mother's intuition told me that when my youngest asked to have a family dinner last Friday night, she was going to make some big announcement.  Of course, mother's intuition also had me thinking of all the possibilities...quitting school, moving away, changing majors...and something other really disturbing possibilities I won't mention.  We had a really nice dinner and just as we were finishing dessert, she had a funny smile/scared look on her face when she announced that she had a secret to tell us.

She didn't even look at us when she said this was the longest she'd ever kept a secret from us.  Mother's intuition had my heart pounding.  She finally informed us that she has signed on to join the Army ROTC.  Whew! I can finally breathe again.  She was very well informed and answered all our questions in a calm, adult manner.

I'm actually ok with her decision to join the Army ROTC, in fact, I can even say I'm proud of her for making such a decision.  She's talked about becoming an officer in a military branch since she was in junior high.  Since she's going to be in her second year of college next year, she will have to attend a training camp at Fort Knox later this summer.  She will take military classes in addition to her college classes and I guess nothing really changes with the college requirements for her major and graduation.

Hoping for a week with some stitching!  Have a great week!

Until next time,
Happy Stitchin;


  1. I hope you feel up to stitching again very soon!
    I also hope your daughter does well in the rotc program. I am so glad mine are too young for big announcements yet. Their big announcements are currently of "I can do this mom!" variety.

  2. Sounds like the stitching blahs to me! (Join the Blog Hop)

    I like the stitching for your box class. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Have you put the wood filler in yet? You'll want to do that before the next assignment.

    Kudos to your DD on the ROTC. My 14yr neighbor girl in in ROTC for high school.

  3. Like your choice for the box hope you can find something to stitch soon

  4. These are very serious blahs! I recommend trip to LNS.

    Love your box, can't wait to see it done.

  5. The Snow White piece I blogged about today fits your blahs. I painstakingly sorted all the colors from the kit (60+) and started work on it and.....there's so little progress that a progress pic never made it to my blog. =[

  6. I am sure you can pull out of the stitching blahs soon. I love your stitching. Maybe, since we are both in central Illinois it will help if we get together and stitch.

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find out the details on my blog at lynscreations.blogspot.com

  7. Hope you have gotten over your stitching blahs! That box is going to be gorgeous and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Congrats to your daughter; you should be very proud of her.


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