Thursday, March 8, 2012

Petite Christmas Angel SAL

Week 3 on this SAL already!  We were to stitch the top skirt and the second skirt.  I got a little sidetracked after I finished the top skirt and I decided to add the backstitching and beads on the top part.

I’m still not sure I’m liking my floss choices.  The wings are blue and the skirt is purple, but as you can see in the pics, they look very similar.  Oh, what to do... I’ve completed the whole top skirt and did some of the backstitching just to see how it looks.  I really don’t want to FROG the whole top skirt or the wings.

Little Snickers

My little Snickers wasn’t moving around very well and actually fell a few times one morning last week.  She tried to jump on the sofa and missed, then after I put her on the sofa, she tried to go from the arm of the sofa to the arm of the chair -- which she does all the time -- and she missed that too.   She was tipping her head to one side and leaning to that same side and would stumble when she walked.  We decided to take her to the vet to have it checked out.

Snickers has a bulging disc in her neck and shoulder area.  The little Queen has been put on complete rest for 4 weeks.  Complete rest means, no jumping on or off the furniture, no steps, no running in the back yard and no collar around her neck.  She sure likes being carried around and the “queen” attitude is in full force, but she’s not following doctor’s orders!  We removed the stool she used to get up on the sofa thinking she wouldn’t even try to get on the sofa and let us put her there, but Snickers decided she could just jump all the way up from the floor.   

You should see us trying to keep her from running in the back yard.  I honestly believe she thinks it’s a game!  For 15 years old, she still runs faster than us.  She doesn’t really seem to be in pain until at the very end of the day.   

Since she can’t wear her collar, she needed a harness for her leash to be attached to.  I decided to make one from some scrap fabric I had.  I used a piece of newspaper to make a pattern and put the paper pattern around Snickers to size it correctly.

I'm not too happy about this!

Are you really making me wear this?

(Snickers doesn't like getting her picture taken -- I think she's afraid to move with "that thing" on!)

Crazy Weather

I’ve been enjoying our unusually mild winter, but last Friday our rain turned to snow.  It was like a snow globe and I had to take some pics while Dottie and I were out playing.

 By Monday, the snow was gone and temps had turned much warmer.  I can’t remember early March ever being in the 60’s and 70’s for so many days in a row.  

With our warmer temps, the signs of spring are all around!

Spending hours right here enjoying the breeze coming in the open window!

Found the hole on Monday and then saw this little guy yesterday morning.  This is right outside our front door.  Dottie hasn't seen him yet.

I’ve had everyone who was in the path of the storms last week in my thoughts and prayers.

Until next time,
Happy Stitchin’


  1. I don't think your angel looks bad. In regards to the colors, I think they blend well... it depends on the look you're going for, I guess!

    Snickers is sooooo adorable. I just love her :) Sorry to hear she has messed up disc though. I hope she feels better soon.

    As you know, I had the same snowglobe going on here. Everything is melted now, though.

  2. Your SAL looks very pretty so far. Hope Snickers get better soon.


  3. The colors look beautiful! I think they blend very well. Snickers looks so adorable!I could see why she is the Queen!

  4. I love your angel and the colors look beautiful together. I would just go with it. Your doggie is so cute. I hope she gets better soon.

  5. The angel's wings and skirt look perfectly fine. I've had to put a dog on complete rest and the only way I managed that was to put her in a kennel in the house. she was pretty miserable but recovered very well. I love the pics of the snow here in sunny Miami. thanks for sharing! Hugs, chris g

  6. Dear Pam
    Dotty is soo cute and so is the harness you made. I think your angel looks fine but it is your choice if you want to restitch.

  7. I think the colours go lovely together.
    Dotty is a cutie pie and thank you for sharing your photos.

  8. Your angel looks beautiful. I love the bead work you have done.

    Snickers is so cute! I hope she gets better soon!


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