Monday, December 26, 2011

26 Days!

Not much left of December.  Hard to believe that in only a few days we'll be in a new month and a new year.

I'm declaring 2012 the year of the ornament!  I now have the JCS Ornament issues from 2003 through 2011 and I'm going to pick out all the ones I want to stitch and my goal is to stitch them throughout this year.  Of course, I have tons of other ornament charts I want to stitch too, not to mention all the new ones that will come out in 2012.

I think I will have to compile a list of the ornaments, post it on my blog and then you all can help me stay on track!  Wonder how long it'll take me to compile that list, lol.

11 New Babies!

Only 9 wanted to pose for the camera!

DD added a couple new fish to our aquarium last week.  Today, we discovered new babies and had to set up a second aquarium for the fry.  Now we notice there is a big difference in the size of the two new fish, so we're thinking they are both female and both going to have babies.  The fish we have are Mollies and they are live bearers capable of having over 20 babies at one time.  That's alot of babies and I don't know what we'd do with so many fish.

Hubby is on vacation this week and has a long list of things he wants "us" to do.  I'm just trying to recover from the past two days of traveling to spend Christmas Eve with one side of the family and Christmas Day with the other side.  It's back to work tomorrow for me, but I'm not required to work a full day -- just however long it takes to get my work done.  That means I'll probably be working 10 or 12 hours! 

Stay tuned for more stitching news!

Until next time...
Happy Stitchin' 

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  1. I was thinking about doing an ornament a month for 2012. Maybe we can do a SAL?

    Only 4 more days til the new year. Happy New Year, Pam!!


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