Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot & Humid with Storms
We've had very hot and humid weather for a couple of weeks now, but Hubby finally decided to turn our A/C on last week.  Storms moved through our area Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Lots of thunder, lightening and wind.  We had only 3.5 inches of rain from Friday night through Sunday morning, but areas north of us and in the Chicago suburbs had much, much more.  We really needed the rain, but the lightening and wind caused some damage.

My daughters have been de-rouging and detasseling corn during this heat and it's been very hard on them.  Some of the corn fields were severely damaged by the strong winds during the storms.  Whole fields of 7 foot tall corn were blown flat to the ground.  It's not unusual to have some wind damaged corn, but it is unusual to see a whole field of corn laying on the ground.

Small Finish
I finished the scissor fob for my MIL.  She loved it and the pair of scissors I had attached to the fob.  I must say I love the colors too!  Actually that's no surprise, because pink IS my favorite color!
My camera washed out the colors, but this was stitched in DMC Variations 4180, 4170 & 4045 on Shadowbrook 32 ct Lugana.

Bridal Shower Gift Dilemma
So, I've been working on the Bride's Tree ornaments for my niece's upcoming bridal shower.  She came out to help with moving my mom's stuff this weekend and when my mom was going through some hand stitched items, my niece commented that she doesn't like "those hand stitched things".  So what do I do now?  I've begun stitching, but I really don't want to spend my time making something she's not going to like.  I'm disappointed, but us stitchers go through this quite often, don't we?

Not Much Else 
My mom is staying in her new apartment now and we're finishing up at her house.  I've also been helping my youngest DD get her items for her dorm.  There are so many different colors to choose from for those necessary dorm items, but she wants black.  I'm thinking, "I want one of each color" and all she says is "just get black", lol.  Don't our kids always seem to want or like something different than us?  Actually, that's the exact reason I don't buy clothes for my girls anymore.

Whatever area of the world you are in, I hope you & yours are staying safe.

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!


  1. We got the same storms you did. I don't know how much rain we got, but I've been sucking water off my basement floor. 18 gallons so far.

    The scissor fob is gorgeous. Congrats on the finish. I would say based on your niece's comment, I wouldn't give her stitched items. They won't be appreciated. A similar thing happened to me years and years ago. My (now-ex) SIL had a baby boy. My intention was to give her a baby afghan I'd stitched cute dinosaurs and other boy things on. I ended up keeping it. It's still packed away.

  2. Scissor fob is really nice, would not even know how to start. Sorry about the niece not liking hand stitching items, but maybe since you are doing it for her she will like them cause you thought of her?? Save them for someone else or sell them when done??

  3. The scissor fob turned out fabulous!! Congrats on the finish :)

    AS for your niece, I am sorry to hear that she doesn't like stitched items. But, at the same time, it's good that you know this before you finished them off and gave her something she wouldn't like. I wish I had some words of encouragement or ideas of what you could do for her bridal shower gift but I'm stumped.

    Stay safe in this crazy weather...

  4. Your small finish is so very pretty! Lovely work you do. Sorry to hear of your niece's comment. Its the age, there will come a day, many years from now, that she will cherish such hand stitched "things" but until then ... when I was young I couldn't imagine what one would do with doilies ... now I can't get enough and love making them. If you continue stitching the ornaments, maybe just put them away for her "someday" when she appreciates what they are and the heirloom they will be as they certainly will be. Happy stitching, what you do is a treasure.

  5. i love the scissor fob. No ideas about the neice though. Sorry she doesn't want a stitched piece.

  6. I wish some of that rain would have made it to MI, we really need the rain. It just didn't make it to southern MI! Very pretty fob and lovely colors. I have learned to ask people if they want me to make them something for a gift, if they pause at all, I know they won't appreciate it. If they are excited, then I will usually only do something they pick out!

  7. We need a good amount of rain over here in east central Illinois and have not received it. It has been very humid and hot here too. We had a bad storm Sunday early afternoon, but very brief.

    I love your scissor fob. Congrats on the finish.

  8. gorgeous fob!
    I'm always scared to give away hand stitched gifts, I wouldn't like it to be thrown away.


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